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The Marines are one of the two forces in Natural Selection 2. The game is still currently in production, so abilities and features remain liable to change.


Marines play very differently to the Kharaa


Marines have a choice of a wide range of weapons, but always spawn with a Light Machine Gun.

The weapons avaliable are:

  • Assualt Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Switch-Axe
  • Shotgun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Flamethrower
  • Mine
  • Welder

Assualt Rifle Edit

The Light Machine Gun is an automatic firearm, capable of dispatching enemies at a medium range. This is the Marine's default primary weapon.


The Pistol, although stronger then the LMG, is your secondary weapon in Natural Selection 2, this is because of its lower ammo amount.

Switch-Axe Edit

The Knife is the last resort weapon in Natural Selection 2, unless you are purposely going for a humiliating Knife Kill.

Shotgun Edit

The Shotgun is a firearm avaliable for Marines, capable of dispatching enemies at close range.

Grenade Launcher Edit

The Grenade Launcher is the strongest weapon per projectile, mainly used for attacking the Alien's structures.


The flamethrower is used to clear infestation.

Mine Edit

Trip Mines are stationary explosive devices. They deploy upon being placed down, and are activated when stepped on by an Alien.

They can also be used to Mine Climb.

Welder Edit

The welder is a device with the primary purpose of repairing Marine structures.


The Marines have a range of structures for pretty much everything.

These are:

General Marine · Marine Commander · Power Node · Resource Model
Weapons Assault Rifle · Pistol · Switch-Axe · Shotgun · Grenade Launcher · Flamethrower
Equipment Mine · Welder · Jetpack · Exosuit
Support ARC · MAC · Med Pack · Ammo Pack
Structures Command Station · Extractor ·Infantry Portal · Armory · Robotics Factory · Arms Lab · Sentry · Sentry Battery · Observatory · Phase Gate · Prototype Lab

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