A hive viewed from the lifeform Gorge

The Kharaa (refered to as Aliens) are one of the two forces in Natural Selection 2. The game is still currently in production, so abilities and features remain liable to change.


The Aliens have a very different style of play to the Marines, and it is often considered harder to be a skillful Alien than Marine. Aliens have the ability to evolve into different lifeforms, each with their own range of abilities.

Unlike the first Natural Selection , the Aliens in Natural Selection 2 do have a command chair like construct in which one Alien player can direct and assist their team.

When an Alien player spawns, they will always spawn as a Skulk.

Lifeforms Edit

Aliens can change their lifeform to stronger or more cabale forms with the appropriate points/Resources.

Each lifeform has different abilities, which are attacks, or other useful things like travelling aids. They also have different walking speeds, health and obviously each looks distinctively different.

When an Alien changes lifeform (gestation), it turns temporally to a Gestation Egg.

These lifeforms are:

  • Skulk
  • Gorge
  • Lerk
  • Fade
  • Onos


Alien structures include:

  • Hive
  • Resource Tower
  • Cyst (Generates infestion)
  • Crag (Heals neaby lifeforms and structures)
  • Shade (Cloaks nearby lifeforms and structures)
  • Shift (Regenerates energy nearby lifeforms; "Echo" allows you to move structures instantly from one place to another, but requires an infested area; "Hatch" generates eggs for spawn)
  • Spur
  • Whip (Melee defense structure, a fully matured whip gets a ranged attack)
  • Hydra (Ranged defense structure created by a gorge ; buildlimit: 3)
  • Clog (Sticky ball of goo created by a gorge to block marine movement; buildlimit: 10)

General Alien Commander · Alien Vision · Dynamic Infestation · Evolve Menu · Hive Sight · Maturation · Resource Model
Lifeforms Skulk · Gorge · Lerk · Fade · Onos
Evolutions Carapace · Regeneration · Silence · Camouflage · Celerity · Adrenaline
Standard Structures Hive · Harvester · Cyst · Whip
Advanced Structures Crag · Shade · Shift · Shell · Veil · Spur
Support Units and Structures Drifter · Bone Wall ·Hydra · Clog · Babbler · Tunnel Entrance