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A Lerk is a form of Kharaa that can be evolved into to provide a different role.


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The Lerk is the only life form of the Kharaa able to fly. Lerks have low health and armour making them a support unit, they mainly keep their distance but if they need to attack something close up, they can. Their primary attack is bite, a medium damage attack. Their secondary attack is spore, when you spore a cloud of green gas shoots towards the aimed place and spreads out, spore is used to hurry marines up, slow them down or destroy their armour. Their 3rd attack, only un-lockable by building a second hive or upgrading to '2nd Hive Ability is umbra, this attack doesn't hurt marines, but deflects 2 out of every 3 bullets, it is an orange gas and is used the same way as spore. Their 4th and final attack, only un-lockable by building a third hive or upgrading to '3rd Hive Ability' is primal scream, primal scream boosts the power of nearby teammates.

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