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30 (50/70/90 with Armour 1,2,3 respectively)



This is a page about the playable character, for the team see Frontiersmen .

The Marine is the playable character for the Frontiersmen. As a gun-trotting and highly disciplined soldier enlisted by the Trans-System Authority , the Marine is trained for combat against increasing encounters with the alien creatures known as the Kharaa; in addition, sporting advanced and state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment, the Marine is battle-ready the moment he materializes from the Infantry Portal. A Marine can be selected amongst the squad to become Marine Commander at a Command Station.

Each Marine deployed to the field is equipped with the standard Assault RiflePistol, and Switch-Axe; advanced weapons and equipment must be researched by the Marine Commander and purchased from an Armory or Prototype Lab.

When the Frontiersmen suffer a Marine casualty, the player will respawn at an Infantry Portal in 7 seconds, more if there are multiple casualties.


General Marine · Marine Commander · Power Node · Resource Model
Weapons Assault Rifle · Pistol · Switch-Axe · Shotgun · Grenade Launcher · Flamethrower
Equipment Mine · Welder · Jetpack · Exosuit
Support ARC · MAC · Med Pack · Ammo Pack
Structures Command Station · Extractor ·Infantry Portal · Armory · Robotics Factory · Arms Lab · Sentry · Sentry Battery · Observatory · Phase Gate · Prototype Lab

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